17 years… 17 reasons to come back

After 17 hard working years, Brisas Guardalavaca  is opening its doors again to all the guests who would  love  to be part of the special celebrations all Brisas staff is preparing for the coming November 25th, 26th and 27th.

Our returning guests from Canada, UK, Germany, Norway, Cuba and other countries   will have the unique opportunity to gather together like the BIG BRISAS FAMILY we and you have been able to create during all these years.




Best place in cuba for relaxing do as you want.Fourth trip to this hotel in january


We are flying out 21st November 2012 for our wedding with yourselves on 3rd December 2012 we are really looking forward to it it's going to be really special it all looks very lovely in brochures and websites so really excited as we have not traveled long haul before so going to be some special memories see you soon

4th time

We are coming again! See you all October 9th, 2012 There will be 10 of us this time!

Returning on the 26th of

Returning on the 26th of september for the second time,was here last year and hope to get every year this is a fantastic hotel with friendly staff good food and clean. Came last year with six friends and the staff were fantastic and gave us a trip adviser dinner love this place



We came 5 last June and we loved it soooooooooooo much, that's why we are coming back again this June but not 5, 8 persons together. Watch out!!!! :)

premiere visite dans ce coin de Cuba

Bien hâte d'y être cela va être la première visite dans ce coin de Cuba. J'ai vue Varadéro et deux autre coin . On y vas mère et fille

be there 25 july 2012 !!!! 12

be there 25 july 2012 !!!! 12 people all together cant wait !!!! see u all sooon !!!!

Booked for June 2012

Just booked for June 16th for 2 weeks can't wait.. Been to Cuba twice but usually go to Varedero - Fancied a change - So looking forward to it.. It's an Early 50th Birthday present for me.. See you all soon

hi, there is guardalavaca

hi, there is guardalavaca briass villas ,is beautiful very clean and close to holguin city ,so you can also see life of the locals there ,and I been in this resort 6 times and is beautiful ,no problem at all . also i will recomend ,playa costa verde ,pesquero . i didnt like turqueza ,,and the best but expensive ,rio de oro?all of this are in holguin .

Returning again

This will be our 4th or 5th visit to the "Best" resort in Cuba. My son is bringing 2 of his friends. It will be great to see all of the Brisas Family and enjoy your hospitality. See you on 12 March.

No sbject

Coming back next year for a wedding can wait to see joanthe money exchange guy and Lisa the entertainer missing them so so much :( x

on holiday 18th Jan


we are coming back for a 2nd time,hope you are all well,see you on the 18th Jan, cant wait.

mik,& shelia.

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