Brisas Guardalavaca turns 21 and still the one in your hearts

Dear friends:

Brisas Guardalavaca is happy to have you back every season of the year; however November is a special month for us, this time we will celebrate our 21st anniversary, 21 years working hard to keep up our product in the preference of all our visitors; and to share it with you is our greatest desire.
25th, 26th and 27th are the chosen days for our Get-together, sharing happiness, dances and smiles. As every November your presence is essential, any suggestions you might have will always be welcome.

Awaiting your confirmation,

Brisas Guardalavaca Team

Coming for 2 weeks for our 8th visit

Can hardly wait to return and for the first time for 2 weeks. Love your hotel! My Cuban family of which two are your staff have invited us to Diana's quincenara ! This occasion will be at the hotel for our benefit. Can not come fast enough! Xo

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