Information regarding hurricane Sandy

Dear friends,

Thank you so very much for all your concern and support!!!

As you all know we were hit by hurricane Sandy and Brisas Guardalavaca has suffered some damages, but nothing to worry about.

After a great effort from all our staff and guests who were in house, all our services have been reopen.

Please find some pictures taken on October 29th; of course, there is still a little bit more to do, in order to erase the marks of the hurricane but everything is up and running.

Please share this information in your personal Blog.

Should you need any other information, please contact us; it will be our pleasure to hear from you.

Looking forward to seeing you back in Brisas Guardalavaca.

With warm hugs,

Brisas Team
Brisas Guardalavaca.

Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy
Information regarding hurricane Sandy

Hi to all the staff at

Hi to all the staff at Brisas, we pray that all of you and your families are safe and that the hotel or your homes did not receive too much damage. You are all such wonderful people and I know you will all work hard to get the hotel back in shape soon. Take care all of my wonderful friends and we look forward to seeing you all on Nov. 24th.

Take care

Thank you!

Thank you to all of your staff who made sure that the resort was up and running for us tourists to visit when their own homes and families are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. We appreciate your dedication and hard work to make sure that no matter what we have a wonderful stay! We look forward to visiting with you again in January.

hurricane Sandy

Dear friends,
I've seen a little movie on internet of Las Brisas after the hurricane. There was a certain damage, but almost immediately the whole staff and the guests cleaned up the hotel and fixed things.
Amazing, because some members of the staff also had a lot of damage at home.
Thank you for everything!
My thoughts go out to the staff and i hope that they and their families are in good health.
Greetings to Taimi and all the members of the staff!
See you back in january - february.
A lot of courage!

Patrick Van Caesbroeck - Belgium

So much thinkings for cuban people after Sandy

My husband and I are french canadian people. We have been gone to Brisas in 2010 and 2011. We are planning to return in January, the 26th with another couple of friends, cause we want they discover how much wonderful you are, and your staff too.
The hurricane Sandy make me cry for you and all cuban people that we love so much.
Myself, I have been living in Guadeloupe (French West Indies) for 20 years and I was devasted by the hurrican HUGO in 1989 ( I lost my house and almost all my things)
You can be sure that I would like to be by your side to support all my dearest friends of your hotel which are our second family in our heart.
Looking forward to arrive with my suitcases full of gifts, as usuall
God bless you

Glad your all ok

Was worried you all were going to be serious hurt or worse glad to see everyone is ok hope you get yourselves back on your feet soon :-)

Coming home

We were so glad that our cuban family is ok. We were worried and wish we were there to help you. We are arriving in 3 weeks and this will be more than a 15 visits so it really is our second home. You are such amazing people and are always worrying more about us than yourselves. See you soon

Our Thoughts and Prayers

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our very special friends at Brisas Guardalavaca having been there 5 times ,as well as other parts of Cuba. The Cuban people are so reziliant and we know they will recover as they always do but only wish we were there to assist as we only arrived back from there on Sept. 30. We have been in communication with our dear friend Isabel Compte and glad to know her and her family are ok and we spared from any damage but we all know there are many others who were less fortunate and our thoughts are with them. Brisas Guardalavaca is our home away from home and Isabel and her family we refer to as our extended Cuban family as they refer to us as their extended Canadian family. We cannot wait to return and our hats off to all of the staff.

Our Cuban Familia

So happy to hear that everyone is ok. My wife and I are arriving Nov 27 for two weeks with the most amazing people. Our thoughts and prayers were with you during the storm. The staff at Brisas are simply the BEST and we can't wait to see them. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated. We hope all are ok and that you are able to fix things in your own homes as well. We will see you all soon.
Brad and Connie


hi thank god everything back to normal we arrive on 26 nov cant wait to party there

Hurricane Sandy

We are so very relieved that our Cuban friends are ok and admire their unfailing stength of spirit.Really cannot wait to return our much loved 2nd home Brisas in May . Missing you all, always in our thoughts !!!

Un gran agredecimiento a todos

Un grueso agradecimiento a todos los trabajadores para los esfuerzos que hicieron para la recuperacion del hotel. Para haber visto ya su eficacia que arregla todo en el momento del hurican IKE, sabia que el hotel estaria en funcion muy rapidamente. Tengo muy prisa por volver a la casa por la 37 vez. Volvamos a verse dentro 10 dias.

our visit from october 14 - 29, 2012

We arrived on October 14th for a two week annual stay, we, my husband and I were excited about arriving and kicking back and seeing all our friends. We sure did not expect to be in cuba during a hurricane but the old saying goes, go with the flow and so we did. during the quiet time of the storm, referred to as the eye, Dan my husband and I made our way up to our home, room 528 and were pleased to see your room on one piece, of course we grabbed a bottle of rum, closed the door and headed back down to the disco. about 30 minutes later the wind came back up and it went on for about an hour and the last part or SANDY was worse then the 2 hours before the eye arrived. when we went up to our room, we had found that SANDY re arranged our room on the side balcony and or course out room was heavily damaged. We did not loose any of our personal belongings so we took pictures and closed the door. From there we spent one whole day and two afternoons working with the staff as did other guests and will all of us pulling together, it was as though there never was a hurricane that passed, as far as the grounds were concerned that is. When we left this past Monday, it was bitter sweet for us as we really did not want to leave. We are now seriously thinking of retiring in Guardalavaca and am looking into what we need to do to move forward.

Dan & Johanne

My husband and i were so

My husband and i were so worried about the Brisas and its staff and the tourists when we knew the hurricane was heading for Cuba. The staff im sure are working hard still to get the hotel back up and running and we cant thank you enough. We are SO looking forward to seeing you all on our return to the Brisas in January, we are counting down the days.


Congratulations to all the wonderful Brisas staff and guests who worked so hard to return Brisas to the paradise we all know and love. Can not wait to return to my Cuban home and see all of you!!!!

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