Special Activities

At Brisas we appreciate our customers’ loyalty. Depending on the number of visits we have designed a program to give you what you deserve and much more. Upgrades, discounts and souvenirs are some of our treats. Make it Back to Brisas, a sea of surprises will be waiting for you.If you are a past guest at Brisas Guardalavaca consider yourself a member of our Club and a whole world of warmth will make your vacation more enjoyable. Our International Garden Tree Planting, a challenge to save our planet and leave your memories right where you will always want your vacations to be. Together with our management and ground staff you will plant a tree and leave your names recorded in a stone forever.

We will water it carefully the same way we take care of you. There will always be a strong reason for you to come back to Brisas, we take care of every detail for you.

Lennon in Brisas
Lenon Park

"Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try", will be the first thing you
'll hear and pigeons being set free to fly, will be the first thing you'll see if you join the John Lennon's Peña we hold by his statue every other Thursday. As a symbol of peace and a true sign of his influence in the music of the Nueva Trova Cubana, Brisas has gone beyond the boundaries of dreams to show the world how much we care about peace and harmony. A perfect combination of ideas and music that can make you think of a better world where all the people live in peace... As Lennon wrote in this song "You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one". Join us today, be a dreamer whose dreams can come true one day when the world will be as one..

Managers'Cocktail Party

Brisas Managers as well as the Staff are spontaneous ambassadors who never miss the chance to meet our guests. They are always around ready to shake your hand wit
h a genuine smile. Join us for this wonderful event at 12.00 m every Wednesday

, get closer to them as they get closer to you. It is not only our managers but our Kitchen staff, our bartenders, our entertainment coordinators, all the staff, Our Big Family. Taste our tropical cocktails and savor our delicious barbecue around the pool, let's enjoy the Cuban music and our house dances with Cuban flavor.
Tower of Champagne
Every Wednesday at 8.00 pm a tower of champagne is built to welcome our guests. Our best bartenders will pour champagne all the way and before glasses are

filled you have already drank the spirit of the hope of an unforgettable vacation.


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