Health and Safety Protocols in Brisas Guardalavaca

We ask you to comply with the current health and safety protocols for a safe tourism.

Before coming in, we need you to disinfect your hands and shoes (there’s a hand’s disinfection dispenser right at the entrance, and foot carpet), your luggage will also be disinfected by our bellboys.

It is mandatory to wear a face mask when entering the Hotel, at check-in, check out, or visiting the reception desk at any other time; as well as when visiting the reservations bureau, tourism bureau, Public Relations Office and to enter all closed premises, say game room and restaurants, and in the buffet restaurants, when walking around to serve your food. In the latter, customers will be assisted by our staff at some of the stations in order to avoid manipulation of the serving utensils by the majority of guests.

To register, we need that only one member of the family approaches the counter with all the identifications, and the others wait by the Lobby until they are called for the bracelet to avoid big crowds at the desk.

At the entrance of the different services we have alcohol dispensers for hand disinfection, please use them and practice social distancing. If during your stay you present any characteristic symptoms of the disease, please stay in your room and just dial 0 from the room's phone to report it, you will be treated by our medical staff right in your room.

The pools and the sun loungers around will also be sanitized during midday hours, so we count on your collaboration to vacate them at that time. The closing of the pools will be at 6:30 pm in the afternoon, from this moment on, they begin to be chemically treated and the lifeguard service ends.

The service in the bars is at the table, it is not provided at the bar counters. If someone needs to approach the bar at a certain time, it is necessary to keep the required distance which is indicated by a red or blue line on the floor in front of the bars.

In the rooms you will find the basic supplies for your stay, some facilities had to be withdrawn as directed by our Health Ministry; If you need to use any of these services, please contact your chambermaid to request them. A thorough cleaning and disinfection process takes place every time a room is vacated. The beach towels will be placed in the room, to change them for clean ones after use, request the service from your maid as well.

Thank you very much for choosing us as your holiday’s destination and thank you for your cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus.

Stay safe in Brisas Guardalavaca!

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