Nightly Entertainment


Not only can you enjoy a welcome party the Cuban way but also have a good time with our House band live, making you move to the rhythm of the Cuban and Caribbean music every night at 8.30 pm for an hour. Minutes later you will happily enjoy the humor of our different shows either watching or participating. Brisas ambiance says it all, you can take it with you and come back for more. 

Romeo and Juliet

A light musical comedy that parodies the plot of Shakespeare's tragedy in an atmosphere where universal and national dances and rhythms are mixed with a charm full of the Cuban heritage of the comic opera. 


It follows the same style as Romeo and Juliet but it introduces varieties like magic, juggling and others in correspondence with the plot known about the character and his wonderful lamp.

Christopher Colombus

It completes the trilogy of light comedies with the previous titles and the story goes around the Admirals character and his arrival to our coasts. It is one of the shows the audience enjoys the most for its great use of the resourses of the comic opera and the free improvisation. 

Brisas under the Stars

A Cabaret show where dancers, singers and our House band get together to offer a fresh show of the different classical moments of the Cuban music and the different popular dances ending with the energy of our carnival.nightly1


The grandfather tells the story to his grandchildren in a fabulous way about the origin of life on earth and the myths of the orishas, their desires, characteristics and preferences combined with the different rhythms and dances. It continues with afro Haitian dances that were introduced in the eastern part of Cuba and they remained as part of our culture. 

Caribbean Show

A Cabaret Show, dances and music live making a tour around the different Caribbean rhythms, their happiness and the color of their popular dances. 

Quiz Musical

Based on choreographies and lip singing of famous artists and films that invite you to answer and become one of the three winning finalists.


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